Family Friendly Events

Uckfield, East Sussex

Online Virtual Discos


Run and hosted by experienced entertainers online and take place in the comfort of your own home, leaving you to boogie and have a great time!  We use our green screen to enhance the virtual experience by creating a moving, real time disco and to play interactive games with your guests. Please take a look at our video below for a taste of our online disco.

Video & Audio Editing Service


During this lockdown communicating with each other in a virtual world has become particularly important.

All the activities we and our families have been used to doing have mostly been taken online.  This has led to people wishing to use video in ways not often seen before.


Our editing services have been used by organisations from churches to dance schools to produce content for their online media.  We have edited weekly church services, songs sung by choirs unable to be together, dancers who cannot meet, the list is certainly mounting up with ideas people have had to keep in contact with their groups.


The video below was recorded by the Children's Choir of Holy Cross Church in Uckfield, East Sussex as their response to not being able to perform together.  If you have an idea for creating a video for your group and need our help, please contact us to talk about what we can do.

Off The Wall Entertainment Ltd.

Uckfield, East Sussex.